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Custom Design Your Furniture- Part 3- Pattern and Color



You have made the choice for style, size, and covering, now comes the part that is so much fun, but can also be the most stressful. This is where the "YOU" comes into play. Your personal pattern and color choices, they make you feel good, (color plays a huge part in our mental wellness), happy and alive. Our team is here to help; you can always work with one of our store designers or you can hire your own designer if you feel more comfortable. We realize this is a huge purchase for you and your family. 


YES, believe it or not you really should do your homework, involve your spouse or family members as well, take your time to look though Pinterest, home decor magazines or browse interior design on the computer. You won't believe how much you will learn about your own decorating taste just from looking at the homes of other people. 

Go shopping for accessories: what type of window coverings do you want? What is the size and shape of your room? Is it bright with natural light that can work with bright bold colors?  Sometimes it is easier to pick your furniture fabric first and then accessorize with the smaller items, but personally I have found a pillow or piece of artwork that I have used for my "jumping off point" to guide me along many times. 




Let's imagine you found a pillow on one of your travels and you want to incorporate it into your decor, here is how you can do it. Let's find the color that is most prominent, and I would say that is the 2 shades of coral. You can use the coral colors as accents such as other solid pillows, drapes, area rugs or lamps, and of course pops of the lime will be stunning. So using the most prominent on the smallest pieces, and then the least prominent on the anchor pieces.  Pulling the seafoam blue as your furniture color would make a bold statement for sure. 

Of course you could stay to your basic black or white sofa which would also look fabulous if you wanted to be a bit more conservative. 


It is also important to incorporate your flooring and wall color into your design. Bring paint samples and flooring (carpet) samples shopping with you. It's great just to have a small case or bag that your put everything in so you can just grab it all the time and stay organized. You never know when the Buzz to decorate will hit you. 


When you have all the information regarding the size, shape, covering and upholstery fabric it's time to place your order. How exciting for you, what a great way to decorate your home, by creating your very own personal designs. 





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