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Custom Design Your Furniture-Part 2- Fabric


Fabric is Fabulous!

There are many great reasons our customers choose fabric for their custom furniture, and each one is valid. It is more a matter of preference than anything, both fabric and leather offer quality and style, it may be more a matter of budget and lifestyle in making the choice. 

There are  few concerns you need to check off the list before making that final, "let's get this design party started" choice. Do you have children or pets? Does your furniture get heavy use, big family watching Netflix daily, or will your furniture be in a den with very little use? Do your pets sleep on your sofa? 

Now that we have what your furniture needs to withstand we can start looking at choices for different fabric coverings. We can cover colors and patterns later, first things first. 

A range of fiber types are used to create Palliser fabrics, each carrying their own unique characteristics, and fabric is soft and warm, adding an extra layer of comfort to your furniture, I personally find fabric cozier than leather, even in appearance.

Fabric Testing

Palliser fabrics are tested to the highest of standards, ensuring they meet both industry regulations and your everyday needs.

Palliser tests their fabrics for:

  • Seam slippage
  • Tear strength
  • Color fastness to light
  • Color fastness to crocking (dye transfer)
  • Abrasion rating (rub count)

 Palliser Grades & Body Covers

The assortment of Palliser fabrics are divided into grades and are carefully curated to meet a high quality standard. Within each grade of fabric we offer a variety of body covers; each differing in material, shade, texture, and pattern.

Higher grades of fabric are priced higher than lower grades. Palliser’s grading and pricing structure is not necessarily a reflection of quality but rather the cost of the materials used to produce the cover.

Leather Alternatives

Sometimes referred to as vegan leather, or faux leather, Palliser offers fabric that is manufactured to resemble leather. A leather-like cover is made of polyurethane, which is wipeable, cleanable, and features a rub count of up to 360,000. Yes, three hundred and sixty thousand! This number represents the number of times you get on and off of your furniture before you notice wear or cover deterioration.

A leather-like product is not leather and will not last as long as natural leather. But, it is a top quality product none the less, and works perfectly if you are on a limited budget. 


Pattern-Unlimited As Your Imagination

One of the beautiful benefits of fabric is how the patterns and colors are as unlimited as your imagination, if you can dream it I am sure they can create it. You can also mix and match leather and fabric furniture which offers character and design style. You can have your cushions in leather and your furniture in fabric or vice versa, combining textures always brings interest to your interior decorating. That is the best part of "custom" designing for sure. 


Now Let's Start Designing Your Dream

Stop in and visit a City Furniture location, speak with one of our custom furniture experts, and browse the store selections of fabric samples. You don't want to rush into this, take your time and do your homework, visit Pinterest, (my fav) and see what you like, and what you don't like. Mix and match samples, borrow the books and take them home to see how they look with the rest of your room in the natural lighting.

We realize this is a huge purchase for you and we want it to be the best possible experience from dream to design. 













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