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Airfry and Easy Clean Range

Life gets busy and hectic at times, but we always want to make sure we keep our family eating healthy home cooked meals. The new LG Smart Wi-Fi enabled 6.3 cubic foot Probake Convection InstaView Range with Airfry cooks, bakes, and cleans faster than most. This gives us more quality time with family and friends while our meals are cooking, more time visiting and enjoying the company, not standing over a hot oven. 

 The range can also be controlled with your smart phone, so you can turn it on or off, set your timer, or see how much cooking time is left: and a bonus is that you can do all of this from anywhere. You no longer have to be home to make your meals, your range will do it for you. Or if you are at home, take the time to enjoy a "me" moment. 

Hands-free Cooking

Here are a few of the many great things the range will do for you. 

Convection Oven with Built-In Air Fryer:

With convection cooking, you can get more even cooking and browning for everything from meats and vegetables to cookies, breads and scones. And because our electric range comes with an air fryer built in, you can also make crispy snacks, like fries, hot wings and egg rolls without using oil, which is a very healthy alternative. 

Explore the possibilities of AirFry

Large-Capacity Oven:

At 6.3 cu. ft., our electric range gives you room to cook all of your favorite foods at once (or make multiples of dishes to share of freeze for quick homemade meals later). That extra large turkey you have dreamed of cooking for many years, you can do it now. 

 Integrated Smart Tech:

Simple to use, our ThinQ® App makes it easy to remotely control your smart oven's settings – and even receive maintenance tips and alerts with our Proactive Customer Care.

Peace of mind built-in

LG InstaViewTM Window:

Check on your dishes without opening the door. Just knock twice on the glass and the LG InstaViewTM window will give you a peek at how things are progressing. This is a feature your children will love when their favorite cookies are baking. 


Flexible Burners:

The electric stove top includes five burners – three standard, plus two flexible options that easily adjust to fit your favorite pots and pans. You won't be heating unnecessary space with burners that are too large, saving on electricity. 

Easy-to-Clean Surfaces:

With a seamless glass ceramic stove top, LG EasyClean® oven allows you to clean your oven without chemicals or high heat and in a fraction of the time compared to "self cleaning" ovens. The PrintProof™ fingerprint- and smudge-resistant finish allows you to keep your range looking its best, always.

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