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Top Load vs Front Load

It's like the debate of "what came first, the chicken or the egg?" Should you purchase a top loading or front loading washing machine? You will find advantages and disadvantages for both. There are factors such as budget, room size, (stackable only come in front load), agitator preference, type of clothing you wear, lots of jeans or delicates, and more. It is great to do your homework first, then come in and talk to our many appliance experts in the store, (our staff are trained from the manufacturers on each product we carry), and find the perfect fit for you.

 Let's talk about Front Load first: 



The first thing you will notice about a front load is the easy access to getting your clothing in and out, unless you have back trouble, the bending may make this style of machine a challenge for you. The controls are easy to read as they are on the front, you don't have to reach to the back to operate, there are many settings to ensure the machine will work properly for every type of washing load.

As the controls were easily accessible to children the manufacturers have put lock options on the controls. 

Front loads are generally more expensive, and the parts for repair are often a bit more pricier, but front loads manufactured by quality brands such as the ones we offer in the store have great warranty. 

One of the concerns about the front load is the lack of agitator to clean the clothing but we have had great reviews on the cleaning, without the middle agitator you can fit more items, (blankets and duvets) into the machine. 

The topic of front load machines having a stale smell when not in use, and it being recommended that they be left open and wiped out after use has been brought to our attention. As the doors are air tight it has proven to be a valid concern so some manufacturers are actively addressing this and are offering odor control cleaners to use in the machine, while others are putting fans into the machines to keep them always smelling fresh. 

Front loaders are gentler on clothes because there's no agitator and the spin cycles are faster and leave clothes 10% drier. (That gives your dryer a nice little efficiency boost!). Doing my research I have read front loaders clean better than top-loaders while also using about five gallons less water per cycle.



Top Load has it's advantages too! 

Top loaders have always had an agitator in the center that swished your clothing back and forth getting rid of stains and grime. They were sometimes noisy and bounced around if they were unbalanced or the load was put in unevenly. Today you have the option, you can remove the middle agitator if you have a very heavy large load or you have a gentle load. 

Top loaders are sometimes a bit difficult to get your clothing out if you are short, and with the bottom drawers becoming so popular under your machine to hold laundry soap and dryer sheets the units are getting pretty high off the ground. 

Top-loading washing machines with agitators typically wash quicker, but top-loading washing machines without agitators (known as high-efficiency top load washing machine) clean better, can clean more clothes at once, and use less water. 

It's Your Choice 

If you are wondering which one would be suit your needs, drop in and check out our great selection of top loaders and front loaders from the best appliance manufacturers on the planet. And as always, shopping at City Furniture and Appliances you will get excellent service, great warranty options, and great prices. 

We've Got Your Clean! 





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