Reserve 37-bottle Freestanding Wine cooler – SRVWC050R

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You are a collector – a purveyor of the hard-to-finds and the rarest-of-the-rares. You demand preservation that is true and one which cannot falter. If the thought of entrusting your most prized wines to a wine cellar makes you nervous, rest-assured, we understand. Let your wine cellar be your treasure trove, and let Silhouette Reserve be your standing army against the enemy: heat, humidity and vibration.

    Key Features

    Invisi-Touch Display®

    Tap the glass and the exterior Capacitive Touch Interface comes alive! No opening and closing your wine cellar door to adjust settings.

    Increase or decrease the set temperature and watch as the hue of the temperature rings change with corresponding varietals. Choosing the optimal temperature for your wine has never been easier with the Temperature-Guided Rings.

    Dual Chambers — Two distinct and separate chambers allow for simultaneously storing white and red wine at different temperatures allowing for versatility and enjoyment of your collection. Set the temperature for each chamber between 41F to 64F.

    NEK Cradle

    Store up to 37 bottles with the unique NEK storage system. The NEK cradle props the front row of bottles at the perfect pitch to allow the back row of bottles seamless nesting regardless of shape or size.

    Organic Maple Shelves — Clear maple dowels combine with the NEK system to cradle the wine.

      Parametric Lighting

      Bold Parametric Lighting fully illuminates the interior to display your wine. Light diffuses evenly on sides, top, and bottom showcasing your full collection. Choose between three different settings: Bank, Theater, and Energy Saver mode.

      Self-Closing Door

      Self-Closing Door — The flush fit design with articulating hinged door integrates seamlessly with cabinets. The door comes standard with a self-closing hinge but in the event the door remains open a temperature alarm will sound. Right and left hand swing available – SRVWC050L, SRVWC050R

      Quiet Operation — 44 decibels



      Width 60 cm 23.81 "
      Depth 55 cm 21.85 "
      Height 87 cm 34.6 "


      Volume 141 litres 5 cu.ft
      750 ml Wine Bottles 37

      Temperature Range

      Temperature Low: 5 °C High: 17.8 °C

      Shipping Details

      Shipping Width 77 cm 30.43 "
      Shipping Height 91 cm 36.14 "
      Shipping Weight 31 kg 68.5 kg lbs

      Warranty Information

      24-Month in-home warranty on parts and labour.

      Delivery & Processing Delays Due to COVID-19!

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