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City Furniture & Appliances Ltd.

Price Beat Guarantee

Our PRICE BEAT GUARANTEE allows you to buy with confidence,
no more worrying about if you paid too much!

Retail Store Purchase:
We guarantee to have the lowest merchandise price on new electronics and appliances of all of the major brands that we carry. If you are making a purchase at one of our retail stores, please show us a copy of the competitors advertisement with the lower price. Your sales associate will verify that the product is in-stock and available for sale at the competitor’s store, and meets the conditions as described below, and then will beat the price by 10% of the difference.

Guaranteed pricing does not include sales tax or home delivery

In order to qualify for City Furniture’s 10% of the difference price beat offer, the advertised item in question must be the same brand name and model number as our model, and be in brand new condition being offered by an authorized Canadian dealer with a full Canadian manufacturer’s warranty.  Any shipping charges applicable for delivery to your home will be factored into the price comparison calculation. Please note, our Lowest Prices Guaranteed offer does not apply to Hot Buys, Discontinued, Demo, One-Of-A-Kind and Limited Quantity Products. Hot Buys or Special Pricing on Boxing Day and Black Friday are also excluded. Of course any advertising errors or misprints also do not apply. Any financing terms applicable to the advertised offer will apply to the new offer as well. Please note: Our 10% Price Beat Guaranteeoffer does not apply on our Exclusive Service Plan applications.

The terms and conditions of our “Price Beat Guarantee” are subject to change without notice.

If you are not completely satisfied, please talk to the Store Manager for further assistance.